Mining and ore company «Dostau-Litos» - 15 years of experience in the field of subsurface resources use of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Since 2008, specializes in the production of barite concentrate, one of the components of drilling fluids when drilling oil and gas wells.

The stable basis for the production of gravity ground barite concentrate of various grades: KB-3, KB-4, KB-5 and KB-6 according to GOST 4682-84, is the presence of all necessary conditions at the enterprise:

  • rights of subsoil use on deposits with high-grade ores,,
  • qualified personnel,
  • modern technical equipment.

Sufficient raw material base allows to control the quality of the produced weighting agent, in accordance with the requests of consumers, and modern high-performance mining equipment makes it possible to plan production volumes in accordance with the schedule of delivery.